Strengthen Capacity of Government Officials in CLMVT through DGSA Study Visit to Germany
December 28, 2018

Since Dangerous Goods Safety Advisor (DGSA) system has not yet been established, none of the related governments in the Mekong region has experienced on DGSA procedures. However, DGSA is foreseen as an important pillar to ensure effective knowledge and competency of private company who carrying dangerous goods.

To strengthen capacity of government officials in CLMVT to implement rule and regulation on Dangerous Goods Transport, the Sustainable Freight Transport and Logistics in the Mekong Region carried out DGSA study visit to Germany between 25-30 November 2018 which aimed at providing profound understanding on DGSA system and effective procedure. The study visit takes place at Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Frankfurt, Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure in Bonn, Industrial Park Höchst and some companies in Eppstein whose DGSAs are responsible for dangerous goods transport for their companies.

By the end of the study visit, a workshop is carried out to ensure that all knowledge gained from the visit will be implemented in CLMVT.

Photo credit: Mr. Pongnarin Petchu