Training for Private Sectors on the Transport of Dangerous Goods by Road in Vietnam
October 08, 2018

The “Training for Private Sector Involved in the Transport of Dangerous Goods by Road Based on ADR” was organized on 04-05 October 2018 in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. The event was attended by representatives from the private sector who are associated with dangerous goods transport business located in Vietnam. They were company staff involved in safety and sanitation in management and supervising level or company owners with an attempt to apply knowledge gained from the training to their business.

The training course covered 3 key contents; 1) The theory parts on international requirements & linkage, examples of Thai regulations, 2) The practical parts on examples of roadside checks in Europe and exercise, and 3) The discussion and conclusion of the training and exercises. There were total 20 participants conferred certificates from 19 companies attending full 2-day course who also successfully passed the training.

At the end of the training, there was very good feedback from the participants such that the training provided very good knowledge which has never been seen in Vietnam before.  In addition, 2 participants from a university and a logistic institution said they would use the knowledge learned to apply into their lectures for learners. Meanwhile, some chemical and petroleum transport companies recognized the training benefit, and they would train their staff and contractors in the future.