Training for Trainers on Eco and Defensive Driving in Cambodia and Lao PDR
May 19, 2017



Finding and retaining qualified drivers is one of the greatest problems facing transport operators in GMS region. For example, in the Lao PDR and Cambodia, there is no proper system to train and test drivers for the license to drive a tractor-trailer combination.  Moreover, driving skill of driver is quite poor, lack of discipline and awareness of safety and eco driving. These leads to inefficient use of fuel consumption and cause to accident on road, consequently, it increases operational cost of transport and logistic business sector as well as high impact to environment.

With this concern, Green Freight Project together with Ministry of Public Works and Transport in Cambodia and Lao PDR jointly organized Training for Trainers on Eco and Defensive Driving which aims to increase competency of local trainers to be able to transfer this knowledge and experience to private companies in trucking and logistics sector in their countries. The training in Cambodia was held in Phnom Penh between 21-23 March 2017 with 15 local trainees participated. For Lao PDR, it was held in Vientiane between 28-30 March 2017 with 10 local trainees participated